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Vincent is a lifetime Cabrini Green resident. When the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) began the process of rehabbing and moving out the residents of Cabrini Green, Vincent and his wife Desiree moved to South Carolina with the understanding that under the terms of the “Plan for Transformation of Public Housing”, he had the right to return. A few years later Desiree passed away and Vincent was forced to leave their home because the housing voucher had been in his wife’s name. With no reason to stay in South Carolina, he decided to return to his CHA housing where his request to return home to Cabrini Green was initially denied.

Vincent was homeless and in seeking help to obtain accommodations, he connected with a Legal Aid Chicago’s housing attorney who successfully appealed Vincent’s “right to return.” Vincent is now living at  Cabrini where he is also employed.

“I can provide for my family now,” Vincent said. “I thank Legal Aid Chicago each and every day and I hope that they help more homeless people like me.”